Bill Gingrich

Trombone / Vocals

Hailing from Harrisburg, Bill grew up in a musical environment. His brother played drums and his father just recently put down the bass after years of performing.

Bill has been a working trombonist for many years performing in the pit for local theater, dance cover bands and bands working original material.

Upon hearing Blitz Dynette for the first time, Bill figured the only thing that could possibly make this band better would be to add a horn section! He grabbed his musical cohorts and said, “We need to be in this band!” After stealing a live tape of the band, Bill, Eric and Dave set about constructing horn arrangements for a few tunes. The horns showed up at a gig, charts and horns in hand and convinced the band to let them sit in. Forrest exclaimed, “I’ve found something I like!” The rest, as they say, is history.

Bill has been a member of Blitz Dynette since. Although he has played with many bands before and after, Bill will tell you this is the best musical experience of his life. Proud to be the only trombone player to ever play the book yet humbled to be a part of it!